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Table 5 Factors associated with HIV positivity at 18th month among exposed infants in Public Hospitals of Mekelle city, Tigray, Ethiopia (N = 558)

From: HIV testing, test results and factors influencing among infants born to HIV positive mothers in public hospitals of Mekelle City, North Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

VariableCategoryCOR (95% CI)AOR (95% CI)
Place of residenceUrban11
Rural3.68(0.81, 16.74)3.45(0.63, 18.78)
Mother on ART on entry to PMTCT cohortYes11
No3.15(0.46, 27.16)1.47(0.12, 17.41)
Mothers WHO clinical stageStage I / II11
Stage III / IV3.13(0.36, 26.95)1.05(0.06, 19.37)
Mothers adherence statusGood11
Fair0.59(0.06, 5.69)0.60(0.06, 6.12)
Poor20.0(3.78, 99.33) *15.93(2.21, 94.66) *
Provision of postpartum family planningYes11
No1.52(0.39, 6.88)1.18(0.19, 7.39)
Infants birth weightNormal birth-weight11
Low birth-weight4.70(01.03, 21.45) *4.40(0.82,23.66)
Infants feeding practiceEFF11
EBF0.84(0.11, 7.09)0.66(0.06, 7.17)
  1. COR Crude odds ratio, AOR Adjusted odds ratio *Significant association CI Confidence interval