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Table 3 PMTCT interventions by infants and other clinical characteristics in Public Hospitals of Mekelle city, Tigray, Ethiopia (N = 558)

From: HIV testing, test results and factors influencing among infants born to HIV positive mothers in public hospitals of Mekelle City, North Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

VariableCategoryFrequencyPercent95% CI
Infant ARV prophylaxis (NVP syrup) givenYes52694.3%92.3, 96.1
No325.7%3.9, 7.7
Infants birth weightNormal birth-weight47484.981.7, 88.0
Low birth-weight8415.112.0, 18.3
Infants feeding practiceEBF43287.684.8, 90.7
EFF6112.49.3, 15.2
Timely infant testingYes34662.058.4, 66.3
No21238.033.7, 41.6
Partner test resultReactive24649.344.7, 53.3
Non-reactive5310.67.8, 13.2
Not determined20040.136.1, 44.5
Mode of deliverySVD43277.474.0, 80.5
C/section12622.619.5, 26.0
Place of deliveryHealth institution54898.297.1, 99.1
Home101.80.9, 2.9
Rupture of membrane for more than 4 hYes11921.318.1, 24.4
No43978.775.6, 81.9