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Table 2 Category of HIV-1 DNA level at week 96 by subtype

From: HIV-1 CRF01_AE subtype and HIV-1 DNA level among patients with chronic HIV-1 infection: a correlation study

HIV-1 DNA level at 96 weeks n (%)CRF01_AE n = 188Non-CRF01_AE n = 185P-value
High42 (22.3%)27 (14.6%)0.054
Moderate112 (59.6%)112 (60.5%)0.849
Low34 (18.1%)46 (24.9%)0.111
  1. High: HIV-1 DNA ≥ 3 log10 copies/106 PBMCs; Moderate: HIV-1 DNA between 2 and 3 log10 copies/106 PBMCs; Low: HIV-1 DNA ≤ 2 log10 copies/106 PBMCs. Differences in the proportion of patients in each group were analysed by Chi squared analysis