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Table 3 Factors associated with HBV suppression in HIV/HBV coinfected patients using multilevel logistic regressions

From: Hepatitis B testing, treatment, and virologic suppression in HIV-infected patients in Cameroon (ANRS 12288 EVOLCAM)

 HBV viral load < 10 IU/mLUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
n(%)OR95% CIpAdjusted OR95% CIp
School educational level
 Lower than secondary34(63.0%)1.00  1.00  
 Secondary or higher80(77.7%)2.040.97–4.270.0582.311.05–5.070.037
CD4 cell count (per 100 cells/mm3 increase)  1.191.01–1.410.033   
HIV viral load (copies/mL)
  ≥ 30020(54.1%)1.00  1.00  
  < 30094(78.3%)3.261.42–7.460.0053.461.48–8.090.004
ALT level (per 10 IU/L increase)  0.910.81–1.020.1110.860.75–0.970.019
AST level (per 10 IU/L increase)  0.860.75–0.990.033   
Time since ART initiation (per 5-year increase)  2.441.11–5.340.025   
Duration of 3TC/FTC monotherapy (per 1-year increase)  1.181.01–1.360.042   
Adherence to ART in the previous 4 weeks
 Perfect adherence26(59.9%)1.00     
 Adherence difficultiesa60(76.9%)2.401.04–5.520.039   
 Treatment interruption more than 2 consecutive days28(80.0%)2.830.97–8.210.055   
Region of study hospital
Type of HIV service
 Primary55(64.7%)1.00  1.00  
  1. Abbreviations: ART antiretroviral therapy, CI confidence interval, OR odds ratio, ALT Alanine aminotransferase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase
  2. a Missed prescribed drug doses or not fully respecting the prescription schedule
  3. The following characteristics were not associated with HBV suppression: gender; age; residence setting; marital status; paid activity; household monthly income; living below poverty line; number of meals per day; body mass index; anti-HBV drugs as part of ART; duration of current ART; hospitalization in the previous 3 months; consultation of a traditional healer in the previous 3 months; journey time to arrive at study hospital; setting and administrative sector of study hospital; task-shifting of ART prescription renewals or follow-up consultations to nurses; stock-out of ART in the previous 12 months