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Table 2 Cumulative fraction of responses (CFR) against 110 Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA, from bloodstream infections

From: Pharmacodynamic comparison of different antimicrobial regimens against Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections with elevated vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration

AntimicrobialRegimenCFRSensitivity Analysis
Ceftaroline600 mg q12h98%96–99%
Daptomycin10 mg/kg q24h92%21–100%
Teicoplanin400 mg q12h86%44–78%
Daptomycin6 mg/kg q24h79%3–99%
Linezolid-80a600 mg q12h77%51–94%
Vancomycin1000 mg q8h76%71–77%
Teicoplaninthree 400 mg loading doses q12h followed by 400 mg q24h65%8–29%
Linezolid-100a600 mg q12h64%34–87%
Vancomycin1000 mg q12h62%40–62%
  1. a: MIC endpoint values for linezolid were read at the first well where the trailing begins without regard for pinpoint trailing, as CLSI M100-S26 instructions, being designated as linezolid-80; and at 100% inhibition of growth, being designated as linezolid-100