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Fig. 1

From: Pharmacodynamic comparison of different antimicrobial regimens against Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections with elevated vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration

Fig. 1

Probability of target attainment as a function of increasing minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)

Lines represent PTA of each dose regimen. The MIC distributions in the plots show the frequency of isolates susceptibility. * The MIC values for linezolid were read at the first well where the trailing begins without regard for pinpoint trailing, as CLSI M100-S26 instructions, being designated as linezolid-80; and at 100% inhibition of growth, being designated as linezolid-100. (a) Probability of ceftaroline achieving a fT MIC > 51%; (b) Probability of daptomycin achieving a total AUC/MIC > 40; (c) and (d) Probability of linezolid 100 and linezolid 80 achieving a total AUC/MIC > 82.9; (e) Probability of teicoplanin achieving a total AUC/MIC > 900; (f) Probability of vancomycin achieving a total AUC/MIC > 350.

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