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Table 1 Nucleotide changes in the ompA gene of clinical strains of C. trachomatis compared with reference sequences

From: Chlamydia trachomatis isolated from cervicovaginal samples in Sapporo, Japan, reveals the circulation of genetically diverse strains

Genotype (no. of strains)Nucleotide changeAmino acid changeAccession number
D (9)D1 (7)(129C → T,(Synonymous,LC498598
184G → A,Val → Met,
186 T → G, 
195C → TSynonymous,
636A → T)aSynonymous)b
D2 (1)()a
+ 977C → Ta
D3 (1)No mutations LC498600
E (12) No mutations LC498601
F (25)F1 (24)No mutations LC498602
F2 (1)397C → AArg → SerLC498603
Gc (6)G1 (4)487G → AGly → SerLC498604
G2 (1)487G → A
+  23 SNPs
Gly → SerLC498605
H (4) 272A → GAsn → SerLC498606
850C → TSynonymous
I (2)I1 (1)684G → ASynonymousLC498607
764 T → CIle → Thr
810C → TSynonymous
1000 T → GSer → Ala
1007C → GAla→Gly
Insertion of codon AGC between 1008 and 1009Insertion of Gly
1011A → TGlu → Val
1017A → CGlu → Ala
I2d (1)684G → ASynonymousLC498608
764 T → C,Ile → Thr
810C → T,Synonymous
938C → TAla→Val
J (1) 369C → TSynonymousLC498609
K (2) 293A → GAsn → SerLC498610
  1. Bold letters indicate nonsynonymous mutations
  2. Reference sequences used for comparison with sequences obtained in this study were: D/B-120 (X62918), E/Bour (X52557), F/IC-Cal3 (X52080), G/UW57 (AF063199), H/wash (X16007), I/UW-12 (AF063200), J/UW36 (AF063202), and K/UW31 (AF063204)
  3. ()a common mutations [129C➔T, 184G➔A, 186 T➔G, 195C➔T, 636A➔T] found in C. trachomatis genotype D strains isolated in Sapporo
  4. ()b amino acid changes caused by a cluster of common mutations, denoted by ()a in C. trachomatis genotype D strains isolated in Sapporo
  5. cOne sample of genotype G was confirmed using the forward primer, but substitution 487G➔A could not be confirmed in this sample.
  6. dNucleotide substitutions 1000 T➔G, 1007C➔G, 1011A➔T, and 1017A➔C and insertion of codon AGC between positions 1008 and 1009 were not analyzed in this strain