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Table 5 The involved vessels in patients with pediatric MPP-associated thrombosis

From: Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia associated thrombosis at Beijing Children’s hospital

SiteCase (n)Percentage
Brain614.0% (6/43)
 Middle cerebral artery2 
 Anterior cerebral artery (case 10)1 
 Craniocerebral vein (case 6)1 
 Sigmoid sinus1 
 Unknown small artery (case 8)1 
Neck12.3% (1/43)
 Internal jugular vein (case 6)1 
Lung3581.4% (35/43)
 Pulmonary artery (including cases1–3,6–9)30 
 Pulmonary vein (including case 1)8 
Heart49.3% (4/43)
 Tricuspid valve chordae tendineae (including case 3)2 
 Under the tricuspid valve1 
 Left atrium1 
Abdomen24.7% (2/43)
 Splenic artery (cases 4 and 8)2 
 Celiac trunk artery (case 4)1 
 Superior mesenteric artery (case 4)1 
Upper limbs37.0% (3/43)
 Cephalic vein (cases 3 and 8)2 
 Superficial vein of cubital fossa (case 2)1 
Lower limbs49.3% (4/43)
 Popliteal artery1 
 Posterior tibial artery1 
 External iliac vein2 
 Common iliac vein (case 9)1 
 Common femoral vein (including case 9)2 
 Great saphenous vein1 
 Internal iliac vein1