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Table 3 Univariate analysis of categorical variables with the single FMT failure

From: Comorbid status and the faecal microbial transplantation failure in treatment of recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection – pilot prospective observational cohort study

VariablesRR95% CI of RRp
CCI ≥ 31.2080.979–1.4900.168
CCI ≥ 51.5301.048–3.236<  0.05
CCI ≥ 72.881.809–7.065<  0.001
CCI ≥ 96.8442.023–23.159<  0.05
Sex (male)0.5280.275–0.821<  0.05
Hospital-acquired infection1.7600.278–17.0260.795
History of 3 and more recurrences1.0900.850–1.3970.541
Concomitant PPI therapy1.4120.772–2.5820.290
Severe CDI1.6000.935–2.7371.157
  1. CCI Charlson Comorbidity Index, CI confidence interval, FMT faecal microbial transplantation, n number of subjects in cohort, p – probability Binary logistic regression, PPI proton pump inhibitor, and RR relative risk