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Table 2 Multivariate logistic regression analyses of the risk factors associated with diarrhoea among children under five years in Pajule Subcounty, Pader District

From: Prevalence of diarrhoea and associated risk factors among children under five years old in Pader District, northern Uganda

Variables CrudeAdjusted odds ratio, AOR
 nOdds ratio, OR95% CIP valueAdjusted odds ratio, AOR95% CIP value
Sex of the child
Age of child (months)
Number of under five children
 Up to one1151     
 Two or more1291.3250.762–2.3060.319   
Age of mother/child caretaker (years)
 6 to 1561  1  
 16 to 301594.3600.773–24.5950.09514.2751.207–168.7570.035
  ≥ 31797.2941.230–43.2610.02911.8601.066–131.9280.044
Education level of the mother or child caretaker
 No formal education270.7570.276–2.0760.588   
 Secondary and above511     
Number of household members/family size
 Less than 51111  1  
 6 to 9941.2140.676–2.1810.5160.9340.431–2.0240.863
 10 to 15396.5001.880–3.8950.0037.1851.353–38.1470.021
Income status of the family
Source of drinking water
 Piped water560.2000.042–0.9520.043  NS
Nature of water source
 Protected1471  1  
 Unprotected970.2480.139–0.444< 0.0010.3220.156–0.6650.002
Houses shared with domestic animals
 Yes2180.2880.084–0.9910.048  NS
Disposal of the youngest child’s stool
 Proper way1971     
 Improper way470.6660.340–1.3050.237   
Latrine availability
Ownership of latrine
Environmental cleanliness
Handwashing facilities near the latrine
Availability of separate kitchen
 No520.4200.222–0.7950.008  NS
Racks for drying utensils
Warming of cold foods
 Yes1490.3050.172–0.541< 0.001  NS
Boiling of drinking water
Age of child started supplementary food
 Less than 6 months261     
 6–12 months2032.1950.958–5.0330.063   
  > 12 months155.5711.042–29.7800.045   
Child weaning time
 On breastfeeding1091  1  
 Weaning < 1 year150.2420.079–0.7380.8790.1420.034–0.5950.008
 Weaning > 1 year1200.9560.533–1.7140.0151.1400.549–2.3660.726
Mothers’ handwashing practices at critical times
 No920.2810.158–0.499< 0.001  NS
Immunization status of child
  1. NS not significant
  2. OR odd ratio
  3. AOR adjusted odd ratio
  4. CI confidence interval
  5. Significant results are bold