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Table 2 GRADE rating of the quality of evidence

From: Does phone messaging improves tuberculosis treatment success? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Outcomes № of participants (studies) Follow up Certainty of the evidence (GRADE) Relative effect (95% CI) Anticipated absolute effectsa (95% CI)
TB treatment success assessed with: 6–9 months 5680 (8 Studies) LOW b, c RR 1.04 (1.02 to 1.06) Assumed risk
Usual care group Risk difference with phone Messaging
901 per 1000 36 more per 1000 (18 more to 54 more)
  1. aThe risk in the intervention group (and its 95% confidence interval) is based on the assumed risk in the comparison group and the relative effect of the intervention (and its 95% CI). CI Confidence interval, RR Risk ratio
  2. bHigh performance bias, detection and selection biases
  3. cSome studies used self-assessment tools that subjectively measure treatment completeness