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Table 1 Characteristics of excluded studies

From: Does phone messaging improves tuberculosis treatment success? A systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyReasons for exclusion
Garfein, et’al, 2015 [33]Different intervention (Video Based Directly Observed Therapy)
Holzschuh, et’al, 2017 [34]Video Based Directly Observed Therapy
Buchman, et’al, 2017 [35]Different intervention (Skype Observed Therapy)
Hoffman, et’al, 2010 [36]Remote (video) mobile Direct Observation of Treatment
DeMaio, et’al, 2001 [37]Focus on videophone technology
Lorent, et’al, 2014 [38]SMS was used for issuing of test results not for treatment reminder
Bassett, et’al, 2016 [39]Study subjects were HIV/TB co-infected patients
Chaiyachati, et’al, 2013 [5]Intervention for Health care workers
Howard, et’al, 2016 [40]Participants were HIV/TB co-infected