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Table 4 Multidrug resistance patterns among S.typhi isolated from patient with febrile illness infection at Adarea Hospital, Southern Ethiopia, and 2018.Ethiopia

From: Prevalence of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi infection, its associated factors and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns among febrile patients at Adare general hospital, Hawassa, southern Ethiopia

Resistant types Resistance isolates No. (%)
NA, CF, AMP 2 (66.7%)
NA, CF, AMP,CPR 1 (16.7%)
NA, CF, AMP,COT 1 (16.7%)
NA, CF, AMP, COT,CHL 1 (16.7%)
  1. NA= Nalidixic acid, CF=Cefotaxime, AMP= Ampicillin, CPR= Ciprofloxaciline, COT=Cotrimoxazole, CHL=Chloramphenicol.