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Table 1 Critical behaviours of a central node’s L-DNM score for different cases

From: Identifying pre-outbreak signals of hand, foot and mouth disease based on landscape dynamic network marker

Case Nodes SDt ΔSDt(in) PCCt(in) PCCt(in)| PCCt(out) PCCt(out)| It
1 All DNM D
2 DNM and non-DNM D D D
     N N  
  N 0 D D  
     N→ 0 N→ 0  
3 All non-DNM 0 0 D 0
      N→ 0  
  1. Notes: When the system moves from time point t − 1 to t, it is approaching the critical point
  2. 1. “” represents the increase of variables; “” represents the decrease of variables; “→” represents that there is no significant change in the variables;
  3. 2. “D” represents the DNM members; “N” represents the non-DNM members;
  4. 3. SDt is the average standard deviation at time point t; PCCt(in) is the average Pearson’s correlation coefficient between two nodes within the local network; PCCt(out) is the average Pearson’s correlation coefficient between a node inside the local network and a node outside