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Table 3 COVID-19 Clinical Risk Score

From: Proposal of COVID-19 Clinical Risk Score for the management of suspected COVID-19 cases: a case control study

COVID-19 Clinical Risk Score Score
Blood test score
 WBC < 8000 (count/μL) 1
 Eosinophil < 50 (count/μL) 1
 Procalcitonin < 0.5 (ng/mL) and CRP ≥ 0.5 (mg/dL) 1
CT imaging score
 GGO with or without consolidation 1
 Multilobar or bilateral lesions 1
 Subpleural or lower lung dominant distribution 1
 No atypical signsa 1
Alternative diagnosis score (choose one)
 More likely other diagnosis 0
 Hard to determine 2
 More likely COVID-19 4
Total score Max 11
  1. aatypical signs: consolidation without GGO, cavitation, nodules, tree-in-bud appearance, pleural effusion