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Table 2 Influence of device-associated health care-associated infections on length of stay and additional cost of therapy. Data is showed as numerical values, median values (IQR), 95% CI

From: Device associated –health care associated infections monitoring, prevention and cost assessment at intensive care unit of University Hospital in Poland (2015–2017)

  Average LOS of patient with HAIs,
n (IQR),95%CI
Average LOS of patient with no HAIs
n (IQR),95%CI
Extra LOS of patient with HAIs, n Extra cost of therapy caused by HAIs
One infection 21(14–33),95%CI(27.72–28.7) 6.0 (3–11),95%CI(8.27–9.42) 15 US$ 11,475
€ 10,035
Multiple infections 39.5(31–51),95%CI(35.68–49.41) 6.0 (3–11),95%CI(8.27–9.42) 33.5 US$ 25,627
€ 22,411.5
VAP 27(15–41),95%CI(26.77–34.39) 6.0 (3–11),95%CI(8.27–9.42) 21 US$ 16,065
€ 14,049
CLA-BSI 30(20–43),95%CI(23.13–38.59) 6.0 (3–11),95%CI(8.27–9.42) 24 US$ 18,360
€ 16,056
CA-UTI 29.00(14.5–43.5),95%CI(26.69–35.76) 6.0 (3–11),95%CI(8.27–9.42) 23 US$ 17,595
€ 15,387
Additional cost of therapy in observed period     US$ 1413,480 /1 year
€ 1236,378 /1 year
  1. Legend: real mean value cost of one patient-day was € 669 = US$ 765
  2. Abbreviations: CA-UTI catheter-associated urinary tract infection; CI confidence interval; CLA-BSI central line-associated bloodstream infection; DA-HAI device-associated health care-associated infections; IQR interquartile range; LOS length of stay; n number of patients with infections or number of days; VAP ventilator-associated pneumonia