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Table 4 Comparison of lymphocyte and myoglobin detection in patients

From: Clinical characteristics and laboratory indicator analysis of 67 COVID-19 pneumonia patients in Suzhou, China

Indicators L(*10^9) MB FIB
Group A (n = 49) 1.23a(1.09,1.63) <21a(<21,32.57) 4.11a(3.10,4.58)
Group B (n = 18) 0.71 (0.55,0.81) 41.27 (23.76,76.61) 6.42 (5.60,7.20)
Healthy control group (n = 20) 1.96b(1.48,2.35)
Tuberculosis group (n = 20) 1.63c(1.29,1.86) 4.25c(3.11,4.72)
  1. Note: comparing with Group B, ap<0.001 for indicators in Group A, bp<0.001 for indicator of L in healthy control group, comparing with healthy control group, p<0.05 for indicator of L in comparing with tuberculosis group, comparing with Group A, cp>0.05 for indicators in tuberculosis group