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Table 1 Literature review for previously reported cases of CAPD-associated Histoplasma capsulatum peritonitis

From: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis-associated Histoplasma capsulatum peritonitis: a case report and literature review

No. Reported year, country Age/ gender Duration of CAPD Previous BP (No.) Clinical presentation PD fluid analysis Catheter removal Treatment Reference
1 2018, USA 63/F 4 years Yes (2) Abdominal pain, fever WBC 2173 cells/mm3, 96% Ne No NA [7]
2 2012, USA 75/M > 2 years Yes (2) Abdominal pain, fever WBC 562 cells/mm3 Yes ITZ for 1 year [8]
3 2010, USA 62/M 4 years No Abdominal pain, no fever WBC 180 cells/mm3, 41% Ne Yes ITZ for 6 months [9]
4 2006, USA 27/F NA NA Cloudy PD WBC 377 cells/mm3, 88% Ne Yes AmBD for 2 weeks and ITZ for 2 months [10]
5 1994, Brazil 64/F 4 months No (1) Abdominal pain, cloudy PD WBC 2133 cells/mm3, 95% Ne Yes AmBD, unknown duration [11]
6 1993, Brazil 50/F 2 years NA Abdominal pain, fever NA Yes AmBD, unknown duration [12]
7 1991, Hong Kong 46/M 2 years Yes (1) Abdominal pain, fever WBC 370 cells/mm3 No FCZ, 5-FC, AmBD, unknown duration [13]
  1. Abbreviations: AmBD amphotericin B, BP bacterial peritonitis, CAPD continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, F female, FCZ fluconazole, ITZ itraconazole, M male, Ne neutrophil, No. number, PD peritoneal dialysis, WBC white blood cell, 5-FC flucytosine, USA United States of America, NA not available