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Table 2 Clinical manifestations in 4 cases

From: Neonatal septicemia caused by a rare pathogen: Raoultella planticola - a report of four cases

Patient Blood culture time (PND) Nasal feeding time Mechanical ventilation time nCPAP Oxygen time antibiotics before infection antibiotics after infection
1 26th 39 4 25 39 Piperacillin tazobartan sodium (9d + 3d) Cefepime (14d)
Meropenem (7d + 3d)
2 27th 35 7 14 28 Piperacillin sodium tazobartan (8d), Cefoperazone/Sulbactam (4d), mepin (9d), vancomycin (4d), cefotaxime sodium (7d) Cefoperazone/Sulbactam(2d) imipenem (21d) meropenem (14d), amphotericin B(10d)
Fluconazole (3d), amphotericin B(18d)
3 20th 26 3 5 21 Cefotaxime (14d) Meropenem (14d), piperacillin tazobartan (7d), benzacillin (7d) fluconazole (10d)
Cefoperazone sulbactam (3d)
4 9th 11 6 5 13 Piperacillin / Tazobactam (7d) Meropenem (14d)
  1. PND Postnatal day, nCPAP Nasal Continuous positive airway pressure,d day