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Table 1 Summary of potential explanatory variables

From: Modeling the relative role of human mobility, land-use and climate factors on dengue outbreak emergence in Sri Lanka

Variables Description Properties
\( {f}_l^i \) occupation fraction of land-use group l in cell i (%) spatially-explicit, time-invariant
BuiltUp urban area
Coconut coconut cultivation land
Homesteads homesteads and garden
Paddy rice cultivation land
Sea ocean
StWtr standing water
FlwWtr flowing water
\( {c}_{t,{d}_c} \) weekly value of climate variable in week t with a lag of dc time-varying, spatially -invariant
Tavg weekly averaged daily mean temperature
Tmax weekly averaged maximum daily temperature
Tmin weekly averaged minimum daily temperature
DTR weekly averaged diurnal temperature range
Pre weekly total precipitation
RD weekly number of raining days
RH weekly averaged daily relative humidity
Pi population in cell i spatially -explicit, time-invariant
\( {V}_{t-u}^i \) number of trips made to cell i in week t-u spatially -explicit, time-varying
\( {N}_{t-w}^i \) number of patients admitted to hospital who live in cell i in week t-w spatially -explicit, time-varying
  1. Note: t, u, and w in weeks, dc in days. For notation, variable superscripts in Table 1 denote spatial indices and subscripts denote time indices