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Table 3 Rank scores of consensus statements for views on the different modalities of cutaneous leishmaniasis treatment

From: Using Q-methodology to understand the perspectives and practical experiences of dermatologists about treatment difficulties of cutaneous leishmaniasis

# Statement View 1 View 2
22 Sodium stibogluconate is the first drug of choice for the treatment of CLa + 4 + 4
23 Some patients do not benefit from intralesional sodium stibogluconate injection, even if many regular sessions are donea + 1 + 2
24 Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is one of alternative therapy to sodium stibogluconate in the treatment of CLa + 4 + 3
25 Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is better to be avoided in CL wet and ulcerated lesionsa + 2 + 2
26 Children suffering from CL are still a dilemma for available treatment modalitiesa + 1 + 2
27 Majority of cases of CL are chronic since the morbidity last more up to and more than one yeara + 1 + 1
28 Most of the cases of CL get complete healing within 4–6 months of treatment, and rarely they extend more than one yeara + 1 + 1
29 Hypertonic saline intralesionally is of effective in the treatment of CLa −3 −2
30 Relapses are very common after CL treatmenta −3 −2
31 Systemic sodium stibogluconate is given when there are big sized lesionsa −2 − 2
32 Systemic sodium stibogluconate is given when lesions are on cosmetically concerned site −2 −2
33 Response to available CL treatment become evident and significant after two months of treatmenta 0 0
34 Infrared therapy of CL lesions is a very good option of treatment either as monotherapy or in combination with other modalitiesa 0 + 1
35 Zinc sulfate by mouth could be beneficial if given in combination with traditional therapy to strengthen immunity against CLa 0 0
36 Resistance to treatment in CL is due to the inappropriate way of treatmenta 0 0
37 There is a controversy about when to decide systemic sodium stibogluconate for CL treatment. Still, it is not too clear for the physicians the indications for deciding the treatmenta −1 0
38 Intralesional metronidazole is effective anti CL treatmenta −1 0
39 Presence of resistant species of Leishmania, the emergence of new species or mutation in the previous species are the leading causes of failure of anti-leishmaniasis treatment especially sodium stibogluconatea 0 −1
40 Systemic sodium stibogluconate is given when there is no response to intralesional sodium stibogluconatea 0 −1
  1. a Consensus statement
  2. CL cutaneous leishmaniasis