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Table 2 Factors associated with the presence of PLWH within the genetic transmission networks

From: Genetic transmission networks of HIV-1 CRF07_BC strain among HIV-1 infections with virologic failure of ART in a minority area of China: a population-based study

  Adjusted OR (95% CI)
Current marital status
 Married 1.0 (Ref.)
 Single 0.72(0.52–1.01)
 Widowed or Divorced 0.50(0.25–0.99) **
Needle sharing
 Had never used illicit drugs or shared a needle 1.0 (Ref.)
 Had shared a needle 1 ~ 4 times 1.28(0.72–2.27)
 Had shared a needle ≥5 times 1.88(1.02–3.46)**
  1. Adjusted OR: Adjusted odds ratios, variables listed in Table 1 with p < 0.05 in the univariate analysis as candidates were selected by a summary multiple logistic regression model
  2. **P value< 0.01