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Table 1 Parameter values by age class, and corresponding references

From: Hepatitis a virus infection in Central-West Tunisia: an age structured model of transmission and vaccination impact

Parameter Meaning Value Relevant references
b Birth rate 799 person per year Estimated from TNIS
ξ Age specific non_HAV death rate 172 per 10,000 person Estimated from TNIS
1/δ Mean duration of latent period 14 days [30, 31]
\( \frac{1}{\sigma_i}\kern0.75em i=1..n \) Age-specific mean duration of infectious period (see Appendix) Estimated
λi, i = 1. . n
(Used to estimate βij)
Age-specific true force of infection (see Appendix) Estimated (Appendix)
εi, i = 1. . n Age-specific death rate (attributable to HAV infection in symptomatic cases) (see Appendix) Estimated
μ Vaccine efficacy 97% [32, 33]
Ni, i = 1. . n Population sizes of age class (see Appendix) Estimated from total population of the study region (Thala)