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Table 2 Avian influenza viruses and other viruses assessed in this study

From: Development and evaluation of a TaqMan MGB RT-PCR assay for detection of H5 and N8 subtype influenza virus

Virus Gene accession number Subtype Ct values from real-time RT-PCR Reference real-time RT-PCR
A/duck/Zhejiang/D1/2013(H1N2) KY971115.1 KY971171.1 H1N2 No Ct No Ct 24.97
A/chicken/Zhejiang/2CP25/2014 (H1N3) KY971138.1 KY971194.1 H1N3 No Ct No Ct 14.85
A/duck/Zhejiang/473/2013(H1N4) KF357774.1 KF357767.1 H1N4 No Ct No Ct 27.33
A/chicken/Zhejiang/51043/2015(H1N9) KY971141.1 KY971197.1 H1N9 No Ct No Ct 32.94
A/duck/Zhejiang/465/2013(H2N7) KF357792.1 KF357789.1 H2N7 No Ct No Ct 24.85
A/duck/Zhejiang/6D10/2013(H2N8) KX394376.1 KX394378.1 H2N8 No Ct 26.66 16.49
A/duck/Zhejiang/4613/2013(H3N2) KF357818.1 KF357811.1 H3N2 No Ct No Ct 16.58
A/duck/Zhejiang/5/2011(H3N3) JX051229.1 JX051231.1 H3N3 No Ct No Ct 33.00
A/duck/Zhejiang/D1–3/2013(H3N6) KJ439856.1 KJ439878.1 H3N6 No Ct No Ct 25.87
A/duck/Zhejiang/4812/2013(H3N8) KF357821.1 KF357810.1 H3N8 No Ct 20.72 21.98
A/duck/Zhejiang/727145/2014(H4N2) KT589211.1 KT589257.1 H4N2 No Ct 38.67 13.88
A/duck/Zhejiang/409/2013(H4N6) KT589221.1 KT589267.1 H4N6 No Ct No Ct 19.33
A/goose/Zhejiang/727098/2014(H5N1) (2.3.2) KU042744.1 KU042802.1 H5N1 16.93 No Ct 10.83
A/duck/Zhejiang/6DK19/2013(H5N2) ( KJ933377.1 KJ933379.1 H5N2 19.22 No Ct 32.11
A/duck/Zhejiang/6D2/2013(H5N6) ( KJ807780.1 KJ807784.1 H5N6 21.08 No Ct 18.25
A/duck/Zhejiang/W24/2013(H5N8) ( KJ476669.1 KJ476673.1 H5N8 15.70 16.00 26.01
A/duck/Zhejiang/6D18/2013(H5N8) ( KJ476670.1 KJ476674.1 H5N8 18.39 20.82 18.92
A/duck/Zhejiang/925019/2014(H5N8) ( KU042767.1 KU042825.1 H5N8 27.82 25.29 24.28
A/chicken/Zhejiang/1664/2017(H6N1) MG063436.1 MG063440.1 H6N1 No Ct No Ct 17.92
A/duck/Zhejiang/727038/2014(H6N2) KT423148.1 KT423162.1 H6N2 No Ct No Ct 23.29
A/chicken/Zhejiang/727018/2014(H6N6) KU050771.1 KU050795.1 H6N6 No Ct No Ct 29.02
A/duck/Zhejiang/DK16/2013(H7N3) KC961629.1 KF042068.1 H7N3 No Ct No Ct 18.36
A/chicken/Jiangxi/C25/2014(H7N7) KM593186.1 KM593188.1 H7N7 No Ct No Ct 16.29
A/chicken/Zhejiang/DTID-ZJU01/2013(H7N9) KC899669.1 KC899671.1 H7N9 No Ct 40.21 25.91
A/chicken/Zhejiang/221/2016(H9N2) KY056291.1 KY056305.1 H9N2 No Ct 39.79 17.22
A/duck/Zhejiang/6D20/2013(H10N2) KP063197.1 KP063199.1 H10N2 No Ct No Ct 22.87
A/chicken/Zhejiang/8615/2016(H10N3) MG366506.1 MG366520 H10N3 No Ct No Ct 20.23
A/chicken/Zhejiang/2CP8/2014(H10N7) KP412451.1 KP412454.1 H10N7 No Ct No Ct 16.98
A/chicken/Zhejiang/102615/2016(H10N8) MG366509.1 MG366523.1 H10N8 No Ct 17.52 18.98
A/chicken/Zhejiang/102619/2016(H10N8) MG366517.1 MG366524.1 H10N8 No Ct 18.36 18.00
A/chicken/Zhejiang/102622/2016(H10N8) MG366511.1 MG366525.1 H10N8 No Ct 26.02 26.91
A/chicken/Zhejiang/121711/2016(H10N8) MG366512.1 MG366526.1 H10N8 No Ct 18.82 12.99
A/duck/Zhejiang/727D2/2013(H11N3) KX028817.1 KX028829.1 H11N3 No Ct No Ct 18.29
A/duck/Zhejiang/71750/2013(H11N9) KR864829.1 KR864831.1 H11N9 No Ct No Ct 23.09
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) La Sota No Ct No Ct No Ct
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) H120 No Ct No Ct No Ct
Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) NF8 No Ct No Ct No Ct
  1. Note: Assay results considered positive are indicated by Ct values in bold