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Table 1 Summary of cases of infections caused by S. saccharolyticus

From: An unusual Staphylococcus saccharolyticus spondylodiscitis post kyphoplasty: a case report

Year (ref) Location Age/Sex Diagnosis Risk factors Comment on clinical presentation Biology Microbiological diagnosis Antimicrobial susceptibility Final treatment (total duration) Outcome
1990 [4] USA 61/M Endocarditis No predisposing valvular heart disease Low grade fever at onset; moderate-sized mitral valve vegetation Anemia; thrombocytosis; ESR elevation BC; all bottles positive at day 10 Susceptible to PE, OX, VA, GE, CI, CL; resistant to ME NAF + GE (6 wks) Favorable at day 30
1996 [9] USA 57/W Prosthetic mitral valve endocarditis NA Fever; large masses at prosthetic valve level Anemia; hyperleukocytosis BC; all anaerobic vials positive at day 1; aerobic vials positive at day 11 Susceptible to VA, CL, CH; resistant to all β-lactamin agents (including OX, CES, ME, TET) Valve change; medical treatment (NA) Died at day 32 of hospitalization
2009 [10] USA NA Prosthetic valve endocarditis NA NA NA Mitral valve; anaerobic culture; at day NA NA NA NA
1990 [11] China 21/M Pneumonia NA Blood-stained sputum; multiple spherical focal lesions in the lung (CT scan) Anemia; hyperleukocytosis NA Susceptible to LE, MO; NA for other antibiotics AZ (6 d); TI + PE (3 d); IM + TI (1 d) Died at day 120 of hospitalization
2015 [12] China 26/W Bone marrow infection NA High-grade fever; headache at onset; lymph nodes Anemia; hyperleukocytosis; ESR and CRP strong elevation Lung biopsy; positive anaerobic culture at day 10? Susceptible to VA, LE, PE, CL; resistant to ME; PE + VA (2 d); IM + VA (NA) Died at day 114
2005 [2] France 58/M Spondylodiscitis No endocarditis; no underlying disease but poor oral hygiene Thoracic posterior pains for 2 months; fever; weight loss; NSAIDs/corticosteroids treatment At admission, hyperleukocytosis; ESR and CRP elevation BC and bone marrow; positive anaerobic cultures at day 3 Susceptible to VA, TEI, RI, ER, PR, TET, OF, CL; Resistant to ME; No β-lactamase production; no mecA gene OF+CL (12 wks) Favorable at year 1
2009 [3] USA 38/M Spondylodiscitis NA Radicular symptoms treated unsuccessfully by microdiscectomy Elevation of inflammatory parameters Negative aerobic cultures; negative acid-fast bacilli NA NA NA
2017 [5] NZ 48/M Pyomyositis, spermatic cord infection Type II diabetes; hyperlipidemia Fever Neutrophilia; CRP large increase; CPK normal Multiple muscle biopsies; anaerobic positive culture at 24 h; coinfection S. capitis and S. saccharolyticus Susceptible to FL; Resistant to PE CEFA (1 wk); CEP (2 wks) Favorable at 4 weeks
2017 (our case) France 57/M Spondylodiscitis Heavy smoking; alcoholism; unhealthy underweight Vertebral fractures (treated by kyphoplasty and zygapophyseal joint steroid injection); no fever; unremarkable clinical examination Hyperleukocytosis; CRP moderate increase Aerobic cultures negative at day 7 Susceptible to PE; CEF, MA, RI, TET, FO, OF; no β-lactamase production AM (4 wks) Favorable at 46 months
  1. M man, W woman, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, BC blood culture, NA non-available, AM amoxicillin, AZ azithromycin, CEFA cefazolin, CEF cefoxitin, CEP cephalexin, CES cephalosporin, CH chloramphenicol, CI ciprofloxacin, CL clindamycin, ER erythromycin, FL flucloxacillin, FO fosfomycin, GE gentamicin, IM imipenem, LE levofloxacin, MA macrolides, ME metronidazole, MO moxifloxacin, NAF nafcillin, OF ofloxacin, OX oxacillin, PE penicillin, PR pristinamycin, RI rifampicin, TEI teicoplanin, TET tetracycline, TI timidazole, VA vancomycin