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Table 1 The plasmids encoding selected 49 T. gondii antigenic proteins

From: Development of a hexavalent recombinant protein vaccine adjuvanted with Montanide ISA 50 V and determination of its protective efficacy against acute toxoplasmosis

ToxoDBa name Plasmid name ToxoDBa name Plasmid name
TGME49_047370_4 pA1 TGME49_034360_1 pB4
TGME49_026020_8 pB1 TGME49_113440_1 pC4
TGME49_053730_9 pC1 TGME49_013390_6 pD4
TGME49_061020_40 pD1 TGME49_073130_2 pE4
TGME49_047390_4 pE1 TGME49_075490_12 pF4
TGME49_024710_6 pF1 TGME49_114850_1 pG4
TGME49_104950_2 pG1 TGME49_047540_5 pH 4
TGME49_086450_1 pH 1 TGME49_110780_1 pA5
TGME49_021710_4 pA2 TGME49_026110_8 pB5
TGME49_121520_3 pB2 TGME49_093000_2 pC5
TGME49_037880_1 pC2 TGME49_078100_1 pD5
TGME49_093730_6 pD2 TGME49_092280_1 pE5
TGME49_015980_1 pE2 TGME49_026380_1 pF5
TGME49_001840_1 pF2 TGME49_090680_8 pG5
TGME49_039440_1 pG2 TGME49_005360_17 pH 5
TGME49_019310_8 pH 2 TGME49_109590_1 pA6
TGME49_027280_1 pA3 TGME49_114500_1 pB6
TGME49_003310_1 pB3 TGME49_055180_14 pC6
TGME49_048540_4 pC3 TGME49_055180_7 pD6
TGME49_100120_9 pD3 TGME49_025340_13 pE6
TGME49_095650_3 pE3 TGME49_022370_1 pF6
TGME49_051630_2 pF3 TGME49_026510_1 pG6
TGME49_054720_1 pG3 TGME49_013390_5 pH 6
TGME49_005360_12 pH 3 TGME49_095700_1 pA7
TGME49_058660_1 pA4   
  1. aToxoDB:
  2. Bold written plasmids are the antigens selected for hexavalent vaccine development