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Table 3 Patient variables in the electronic case record form

From: Global molecular diversity of RSV – the “INFORM RSV” study

Site ID 
Study ID 
Visiting date 
AgeAge in months
GenderMale / Female
Length of stay< 24 h / > 24 h / Outpatient
Referring departmentPaediatric Intensive Care Unit / General Paediatric Ward / Outpatient clinic (including Emergency Department)
RSV detection methodPCR / molecular point-of-care-test
RSV subtypeA / B
Storage temperature-20 °C / -80 °C
Gestational age at birthCalculated duration of pregnancy in weeks
Severe comorbidityCongenital heart disease / Hematological malignancies / Neurological disease / Bronchopulmonary dysplasia / Other (specified in provided space)
BreastfeedingYes (exclusive) / No / Partial
Day care attendanceYes / No
Current hay fever, asthma and/or eczema in either parentYes / No
Smoking in householdYes / No
Other children in household under the age of 6Yes / No