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Table 1 Rationale of age stratification based on socioeconomic background and tuberculosis status of each birth year in South Korea

From: Age-stratified anti-tuberculosis drug resistance profiles in South Korea: a multicenter retrospective study

Age Group (Years)Calendar year of birthSocioeconomic background of each calendar yearTB status of each calendar yearNational guideline for anti-TB treatment
15–34After 1980sSustained economic growth with expansion of national health insuranceSustained decrement of TB prevalenceShorter regimen with additional use of rifampicin for 6–9 months
35–59Between 1960s and 1970sSpurt of economic growthMarked by rapidly declining TB prevalenceTriple therapy using isoniazid and streptomycin for 18 months
≥60Before 1950sBefore and after the Korean WarProbable explosion of TB epidemic in the Korean peninsularBefore implementing national TB control program
  1. Abbreviations: TB tuberculosis