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Table 3 Number, percentage, genome coverage, and read depth of unique reads for the sequences of varicella zoster virus in the CSF samples

From: Clinical features of aseptic meningitis with varicella zoster virus infection diagnosed by next-generation sequencing: case reports

Case No.PathogenUnique readsPercentage, %Genome Coverage, %Read Depth (X)
1varicella zoster virus17,13710099.7317.90
2varicella zoster virus13,19010098.8311.87
3varicella zoster virus133010034.771.25
4varicella zoster virus10296.234.321.03
  1. Note: In case 1, 2, and 3, only VZV has been detected by NGS. So, the percentage is 100% for each of them. In case 4, there were 102 reads of VZV and 4 reads of Human parvovirus B19 detected by NGS (Additional file 5). So, the percentage is 96.23% (102/106) for case 4