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Table 2 Clinical Scoring System

From: Human adenovirus Coinfection aggravates the severity of Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia in children

FactorScoreMaximal Scorec
HospitalizationNo≤5 d> 5 dPICUa(+ 1/2)0–5
Supplemental oxygenNo≤1 d1–3 d(+ 1)> 3 d(+ 1)0–4
Max FiO2(%)2122–30≥31MV b(+ 2)0–5
  1. aPICU Pediatric intensive care unit
  2. bMV Mechanical ventilation
  3. cA total score value of 7 or greater was defined as severe disease, and less than 7 were considered as mild or moderate disease.