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Table 1 Disease Severity Assessment of CAP in Children

From: Human adenovirus Coinfection aggravates the severity of Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia in children

Clinical manifestationsMild CAPSevere CAP
General situationGoodNot good
Refusal to eat or dehydrationNoYes
Disorder of consciousnessNoYes
Respiratory rateNormal or slightly increaseSignificantly increasea
Multilobar infiltratesNoYes
Pleural effusionNoYes
Oxygen saturation> 0.96≤0.92
Extrapulmonary manifestationsNoYes
AssessmentPresent all above manifestationsPresent any of the above manifestations
  1. aSignificantly increased respiratory rate: infants > 70 bpm, older children > 50 bpm