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Table 3 Treponema pallidum antigens (15-plex immune array) for immunological studies in Lima, Peru, 2018–2022

From: Investigation of syphilis immunology and Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum biology to improve clinical management and design a broadly protective vaccine: study protocol


Putative surface-exposed proteins

Ligand binding proteins

TP0435 (Tpp17)

TP0126 (OmpW homolog)

TP0163 TroA (Periplasmic binding protein)

TP0574 (47 kDa Carboxypeptidase)

TP0136 (FN-binding protein)

TP0684 MglB-2 (Periplasmic binding protein)

TP0751 (Pallilysin)

TP0326 (BamA)

TP1038 (Bacterioferrin)

TP0768 (TmpA)

TP0483 (FN-binding protein)


TP0769 (TmpB)

TP0620 (TprI)


TP0621 (TprJ)


TP0897 (TprK conserved region)