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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of patients

From: Effectiveness and tolerability of intravenous pentamidine for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis in adult hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients: a retrospective study

Baseline characteristicValue (N = 187)
Age (years), median (range)36.4 (18–64)
Gender, N (%)
 Male108 (57.7%)
Primary diagnosis, N (%)
 Leukaemia77 (41.2%)
  Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia19
  Acute myeloid leukaemia39
  Chronic myeloid leukaemia7
  Myelodysplastic syndrome12
 Lymphoma66 (35.3%)
  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma24
  Hodgkin lymphoma42
 Other malignancies16 (8.5%)
  Multiple myeloma15
  Germ-cell tumour1
 Non-malignancies28 (14.9%)
  Aplastic anaemia14
  Fanconi anaemia1
  Red-cell aplasia1
  Sickle-cell anaemia1
Type of transplant
 Autologous65 (34.8%)
 Allogeneic122 (65.2%)
  Related donor15
  Unrelated donor105
  Haplo-identical transplant2
Stem cell source, N (%)
 Peripheral stem cells166 (88.8%)
 Bone marrow cells19 (10.1%)
 Bone marrow and peripheral stem cells1 (0.5%)
 Umbilical cord bank1 (0.5%)
Conditioning regimen intensity, N (%)
 Myeloablative130 (69.5%)
 Reduced intensity55 (29.4%)
 Reduced toxicity1 (0.5%)
 None1 (0.5%)
Baseline comorbidity, N (%)
 Cardiac disease40 (21.4%)
 Endocrine disease25 (13.3%)
 Kidney disease10 (5.3%)
 Liver disease6 (3.2%)
 Other43 (22.9%)
GVHD, N (%)
 Acute16 (8.6%)
 Chronic31 (16.6%)
 Both acute and chronic38 (20.3%)
 None102 (54.5%)