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Table 2 Association between measles and exposures during an outbreak: Lyantonde, Lwengo and Rakai districts, Uganda, June–September 2017

From: Measles outbreak amplified in a pediatric ward: Lyantonde District, Uganda, August 2017

Exposurea% cases
(n = 34)
% controls
(n = 136)
OR b (95% CI)ORadjc (95% CI)
Exposures during case-patient’s likely exposure periodd
 Hospitalized at pediatric department, Lyantonde Hospital472.330 (7.0–132)34 (5.1–225)
 Visited any health facility59362.6 (1.2–5.5) 
 Went to communal water point12390.14 (0.039–0.51)0.056 (0.0066–0.47)
 Went to church38610.36 (0.16–0.81) 
 Went to school47411.4 (0.55–3.6) 
History of measles vaccination26760.11 (0.043–0.27)0.051 (0.011–0.25)
  1. aSome records had missing values for exposure variables, including 4 for “hospitalized at pediatric department, Lyantonde Hospital”, 1 for “went to communal water point”, 2 for “went to church”, and 2 for “went to school”. These records were excluded from the respective analysis
  2. bOR = Crude odds ratios from univariate conditional logistic regression analysis, in which the matching variable was the case-control set
  3. cORadj = Odds ratios from multivariable conditional logistic regression
  4. dCase-patient’s likely exposure period = 7–21 days (minimum-to-maximum incubation periods) before case-patient’s rash onset