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Table 1 Descriptive summery of 12 studies included in meta-analysis of scabies in Ethiopia

From: Prevalence and associated factors of scabies in Ethiopia: systematic review and Meta-analysis

AuthorPublication yearRegionStudy areaSample sizeStudy designPrevalence (%)Response rate (%)
Dagne et al. [27]2019AmharaDabat494Institutional based cross-sectional9.391.84
Sara et al. [28]2018SNNPRBadewachow41,287cummonity unmached case-control11
Wochebo, et al. [14]2019SNNPRKechabirra9720Unmached case-control2.5100
Ejigu, et al. [32]2019SNNPRDamboya711Unmached case-control 
Enbiale, et al. [8]2018AmharaAmhara112,570Census33.7
Melat [33]2019AmharaHabru300institution based unmached case control100
Yassin, et al. [34]2017AmharaGondar Town96Unmached case-control100
Tegegne, et al. [29]2018AmharaBorumeda385Institutional based cross sectional15.9100
Aynalem, et al. [26]2017AmharaFnoteselam Hospital317Institutional based cross sectional4.195.3
Nurie [35]2017AmharaDembiya120Unmached case-control
Alebachew, et al. [31]2020AmharaAddet Tawn173Unmached case-control35
Walker, et al. [30]2017SNNPRAdeme343cross sectional5.5100