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Table 4 Minimum infection rate of species infected with Zika virus collected in the Kédougou in March 2017 in different land covers and breeding sites

From: Zika virus in southeastern Senegal: survival of the vectors and the virus during the dry season

Breeding sites Species Sex   Land covers
  Forest Savannah Village
Tree holes Aedes bromeliae female P(T) 1 (20)
MFIR    5.0
Ae. unilineatus female P(T) 1 (20)
MFIR   5.0  
Rock holes Ae. bromeliae female P(T) 1 (4)
MFIR 25.0   
Ae. vittaus male P(T) 1 (8)
MFIR 12.5   
  1. P (T) Number of positive pools (Total mosquitoes tested)
  2. MFIR Minimum field infection rate (% of infected mosquitoes)