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Table 1 Specialty and general guidelines used for audit outcomes

From: Adherence to guidelines across different specialties to prevent infections in patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapies

SpecialtySociety or other organisation guidelineInfection prevention items recommendedaReference
DermatologyBritish Association of Dermatology [Methotrexate], 20162–5, 7, 8[12]
British Association of Dermatology [Biologics], 20172–5, 7, 8[13]
GastroenterologyEuropean Cohn’s & Colitis Organisation [2014]2, 7, 8[8]
British Society of Gastroenterology [2011]2, 7, 8[9]
HaematologyBritish Society of Haematology [DLB Lymphoma] 20163[11]
NephrologyBritish Transplant Society2–5, 7, 8[10]
RheumatologyEuropean League against Rheumatism [DMARDs and vaccines], 2011 & 20167[14, 15]
British Society of Rheumatology [DMARD & psoriatic arthropathy] 20177[16]
Other guidelines [for consensus guidelines]UK Green Book [vaccinations]7[17]
NICE Blood-borne virus screening3[18, 19]
  1. aItems: 1. Discussion with patient around general risks of infections; 2. Screening for active or latent tuberculosis [TB]; 3. Screening for Hepatitis B & C and HIV infection, including previous hepatitis B exposure and immunity; 4. Screening for varicella immunity; 5. Screening for measles immunity; 6. Screening for hypogammaglobulinaemia; 7. Recommendation of influenza, pneumococcal, +/− other indicated vaccines; 8. Provision of P. jiroveci prophylaxis