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Table 3 Type of discharge in patients with and without infection (2014)

From: Prevalence and burden of orthopaedic implantable-device infections in Italy: a hospital-based national study

Type of dischargeWith infectionWithout infectionp-value
Ordinary discharge to home393275.41%227,82268.75%< 0.0001
Ordinary discharge to nursing home801.53%89262.69%< 0.0001
Discharge to assisted home care110.21%5810.18%0.658
Voluntary discharge521.00%12150.37%< 0.0001
Transfer to other hospitals1633.13%68352.06%< 0.0001
Transfer to other wards in the same hospital53110.18%37,78811.40%0.0064
Transfer to rehabilitation facilities3516.73%42,78212.91%< 0.0001
Ordinary discharge to assisted home care470.90%28090.85%0.7311