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Table 4 Post-intervention correlation between bacterial concentrations and pneumonia hospitalization in the intervention group

From: The effect of oral care intervention on pneumonia hospitalization, Staphylococcus aureus distribution, and salivary bacterial concentration in Taiwan nursing home residents: a pilot study

Bacterial concentrationsPneumonia hospitalization 
N (%)N (%)p-valueb
 High8 (66.67)4 (33.33)0.04
 Low3 (23.08)10 (76.92) 
 High5 (41.67)7 (58.33)1.00
 Low6 (46.15)7 (53.85) 
  1. aThe median values for salivary and sputum samples were used to classify the bacterial concentrations as “high” or “low”; bFisher’s exact test