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Table 2 Demographic Characteristics of Questionnaire Respondents

From: Solutions to improve the latent tuberculosis Cascade of Care in Ghana: a longitudinal impact assessment

Adult Contacts
 Number20 30 
 Age in yrs., median (range)46.5 (19; 74) 35 (18; 85) 
 Female Gender1260%2170%
 Phase of Cascade
  Identified (no testing done)20100%310%
  Completed symptom screen +/− TST1240%
  Medical investigations in-progress/completed00
  Recommended LTBI treatment1550%
Parents of child contacts
 Number20 19 
 Age of parent in yrs., median (range)37.5 (23; 71) 32 (18; 44) 
 Age of youngest child in yrs., median (range)2 (1; 5) 3 (1; 5) 
 Phase of Cascade
  Identified (no testing done)20100%15%
  Completed symptom screen +/− TST632%
  Medical investigations in- progress/completed00
  Recommended LTBI treatment1263%
Index Patients (with active TB)
 Number20 16 
 Age in yrs., median (range)38.5 (23; 78) 42.5 (21; 80) 
 Female gender525%425%
Health care workers
 Number20 25* 
 Job Title
  1. *2 health care workers completed both a pre and post solutions questionnaire