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Table 1 Clinical and laboratory details of patients with probable BSI

From: In-depth analysis of T2Bacteria positive results in patients with concurrent negative blood culture: a case series

Patient numberAge range, GenderBrief History of present illnessT2Bacteria resultOther (+) culture with the same T2-detected pathogen within 21 daysAntibiotics used/ Activity against T2 detected bacteriumRadiologic FindingsDischarge Diagnosis
Patient 1> 65, MBlood Pressure 80/40 mmHg, heart rate 120/min, fever 38.3 °C. Dysuria and urinary frequency for 5 days PTAE. coliBlood cultureb (−2d)
Urine culture (−2d)
CRO, TZP/YesCT negative for renal obstructionESBL E coli bacteremia and pyelonephritis
Patient 2> 65, FFever, chills, nausea, dysuriaE. coliBlood cultureb (−1d)
Urine culture (−1d)
CRO /YesPyelonephritis with
E coli bacteremia
Patient 350–64, FNausea, vomiting, burning with urination, abdominal and flank pain, feverE. coliUrine culture (0d)CRO, TZP/YesPyelonephritis due to
E. coli
Patient 4> 65, FChills, rigors, dyspnea, dysuriaE. coliUrine culture (0d)CRO /YesCT: bilateral pyelonephritisBilateral E coli pyelonephritis
Patient 5> 65, FFever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dark foul-smelling urine for 1 week.E. coliUrine culture (−1d)CRO, TZP /YesCT: 4 mm obstructing calculus, mild hydroureteronephrosisPyelonephritis
due to E coli
Patient 6> 65, MFever, dysuria and sepsis.E. coliaUrine culture (−1d)CRO /YesCT: Right sided PyelonephritisPyelonephritis due to E coli
Patient 7> 65, FWeakness, productive cough, fever, nausea and vomiting. Symptoms started 5 days PTA.S. aureusBlood cultureb (−4d)VAN, CRO, AZM/ YesCXR with right lower lobe pneumoniaInfluenza B, superimposed
S. aureus pneumonia
Patient 850–64, MLeft thigh abscess and sepsis. Had a previous visit for left thigh abscess 1 month ago, which was incised.S. aureusWound incision and drainage culture (−2d) with MRSAVAN, SAM/YesU/S: Subcutaneous edema. No drainable abscessLeft thigh abscess/ MRSA wound infection
Patient 9> 65, MLeft third finger abscess and fever for 8 days. Cellulitis/abscess in left third finger.S. aureusBlood cultureb (−11d)
Finger abscess (−2d)
VAN, TZP/YesFinger osteomyelitis,
Bacteremia due to S. aureus
Patient 1018–49, MFlank pain, chills, dysuria, hematuria. Initially admitted with obstructing mid ureteral calculus and UTI. Underwent urgent right ureteral stent placement.K. pneumoniaUrine culture (−3d)AMP, CRO /YesCT: Multifocal abscess formation in the right kidneyObstructing mid-ureteral calculus with UTI and multifocal kidney abscesses.
Patient 11> 65, MFever, shaking chills and nausea. History of recurrent UTIs and benign prostatic hyperplasia requiring self-catheterization with Foley catheter.P. aeruginosaUrine culture (−1d)VAN, TZP/YesComplicated UTI due to P. aeruginosa
  1. aT2Bacteria detected 2 targeted organisms in the sample of this patient. Please also see Table 3. bRefers to a previous blood culture, not the blood culture that was taken at the same time with the T2 blood sample
  2. AMC Amoxicillin-clavulanic, AZM Azithromycin, CFZ Cefazolin, CIP Ciprofloxacin, CRO Ceftriaxone, CT Computed Tomography, F Female, M Male, MEM Meropenem, MRSA Methicillin Resistant S. aureus SAM Ampicillin-Sulbactam, PTA prior to admission, TZM Piperacillin-tazobactam, U/S Ultrasound, UTI Urinary Tract Infection, VAN Vancomycin