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Table 5 Risk factors of GBS among study participants

From: Prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility patterns, serotypes and risk factors for group B streptococcus rectovaginal isolates among pregnant women at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya; a cross-sectional study

GBS ResultsOdds Ratio95% Conf. IntervalP
Maternal age (Years)1.00.94–1.060.868
Parity group2.30.87–5.990.092
Gestation Age1.00.93–1.110.710
Gestation groups0.80.45–1.510.528
Number of prior live births1.10.77–1.510.669
Still births0.70.46–1.160.187
History of pregnancy loss in prior pregnancies (abortion or ectopic)1.30.77–2.200.331
History of preterm birth in prior pregnancy1.00.64–1.510.948
Rupture of membranes for > 18 h before labour in prior pregnancy0.70.30–1.600.396
Past history of neonatal death in first week of birth2.10.80–5.600.130
Neonatal infection0.50.15–1.610.238
Fore water break in past pregnancy/Rupture of membranes1.40.23–8.410.725
  1. GBS Group B Streptococcus, Chi-square statistics was used to obtain P value