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Table 2 Sensitivity, specificity and Kappa scores of the POC-CCA test versus combined Kato-Katz and PCR results

From: Detecting Schistosoma mansoni infections among pre-school-aged children in southern Ghana: a diagnostic comparison of urine-CCA, real-time PCR and Kato-Katz assays

  Kato-Katz + PCRSensitivitySpecificityKappa Score
PosNeg(95% CI)(95% CI)
CCAaPos537484.1 (72.7–92.1)12.9 (6.6–22)−0.03
CCAbPos232036.5 (24.7–49.6)76.5 (66–85)0.14
  1. awith trace bands
  2. bwithout trace bands