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Table 2 Homology of the detected full length HBV strains isolated from 6 mother-child pairs Identity (%)

From: Existence of hepatitis B virus surface protein mutations and other variants: demand for hepatitis B infection control in Cambodia

Isolate NameC171228cC171229mC171360cC171361mC174334cC174335mC174347cC174348mC174492cC174493mC174537c
gC1 C171229m99.62          
gC1 C171360c98.5398.25         
gC1 C171361m98.3598.2599.78        
gB4/C C174334c91.9192.0291.8491.78       
gB4/C C174335m91.9492.0591.8791.8199.9      
gB4/C C174347c91.7591.9391.6991.6398.2598.28     
gB4/C C174348m91.7891.9691.7291.6698.2898.3299.96    
gC1 C174492c98.3898.2598.2298.2592.0692.0992.0392.6   
gC1 C174493m98.3898.2598.2298.2592.0692.0992.0392.6100  
gC1 C174537c98.598.1698.5698.4191.8191.8591.7591.8198.2898.28 
gC1 C174538m98.4798.1398.5398.4491.7891.8191.7291.7598.2598.2599.87
  1. The base sequence of the detected HBV strains from 6 mother-child pairs has homology from 99.62–100%
  2. Analysis of up to 2630 bp (nt1929-nt1343) detected from the mother (C171408m) and child (C171407c) showed a 99.96% homology in the nucleotide sequence
  3. gC1: HBV sub-genotype C1, gB4/C: recombinant HBV genotype B4/C, The isolate ID ends in “m” represents for mother and that ends in “c” represents for child