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Table 3 Uni- and multivariable logistic regression models for the prediction meningitis and/or encephalitis with identified infectious pathogens by CSF parameters (excluding protozoal infections)

From: Predictors of infectious meningitis or encephalitis: the yield of cerebrospinal fluid in a cross-sectional study

Logistic regression
 OR95% CIp-valueOR95% CIp-valueX2p-valueX2p-value
CSF parameters for infection
 White blood cells (per106/l)1.000.99–1.000.2831.000.99–1.000.14113.500.096305.70.321
 Protein (per mg/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0010.990.99–1.000.852    
 Lactate (per 0.1 mmol/l)1.291.18–1.42< 0.0011.110.93–1.340.254    
 Glucose ratio (per 0.1unit)0.010.01–0.06< 0.0010.050.01–0.370.003    
Multinomial logistic regression
 RR95% CIp-valueRR95% CIp-value    
CSF parameters for bacterial infection
 White blood cells (per106/l)1.001.00–1.010.0390.580.18–1.890.368    
  Polynuclear cells (per 106/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0011.720.53–5.600.368    
  Mononuclear cells (per 106/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0011.720.53–5.610.367    
 Protein (per mg/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0011.000.99–1.000.982    
 Lactate (per 0.1 mmol/l)1.551.38–1.75< 0.0011.341.04–1.710.021    
 Glucose ratio (per 0.1unit)0.010.00–0.01< 0.0010.010.00–0.170.003    
CSF parameters for viral infection
 White blood cell count (per106/l)1.000.99–1.000.1030.620.30–1.290.203    
  Polynuclear cells (per 106/l)0.990.99–1.000.2081.610.77–3.330.204    
  Mononuclear cells (per 106/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0011.620.78–3.360.198    
 Protein (per mg/l)1.000.99–1.000.6341.001.00–1.000.925    
 Lactate (per 0.1 mmol/l)1.020.87–1.180.8301.000.76–1.300.997    
 Glucose ratio (per 0.1unit)0.090.01–0.600.0120.100.10–1.020.052    
Multinomial logistic regression
 Forward selectionBackward selectionHosmer-LemeshowPearson’s
 RR95% CIp-valueRR95% CIp-valueX2p-valueX2p-value
CSF parameters for bacterial infection
 White blood cells (per106/l) NS  NS     
  Polynuclear cells (per 106/l) NS  NS     
  Mononuclear cells (per 106/l) NS  NS     
 Protein (per mg/l) NS  NS     
 Lactate (per 0.1 mmol/l)1.351.12–1.640.0021.351.12–1.640.0016.580.583135.80.14
 Glucose ratio (per 0.1unit)0.010.00–0.230.0040.100.00–0.230.004    
CSF parameters for viral infection
 White blood cell count (per106/l) NS  NS     
  Polynuclear cells (per 106/l) NS  NS     
  Mononuclear cells (per 106/l)1.011.00–1.01< 0.0011.011.00–1.01< 0.0019.460.305194.10.39
 Protein (per mg/l) NS  NS     
 Lactate (per 0.1 mmol/l) NS  NS     
 Glucose ratio (per 0.1unit) NS  NS     
  1. CSF cerebrospinal fluid, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, NS not selected
  2. Boldp-values indicate significance set at < 0.05