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Table 2 Drug susceptibility profile of E. cloacae complex isolates co-harboring mcr-9 and blaIMP-1

From: Emergence of carbapenem-resistant and colistin-susceptible Enterobacter cloacae complex co-harboring blaIMP-1 and mcr-9 in Japan

Isolates/Antimicrobial AgentsaMIC (μg/ml)
E. xiangfangensis A24831128> 51210.125481
E. xiangfangensis A25041128> 51210.125481
E. asburiae A25630.50.25>1280.50.125820.5
  1. aBreakpoints for antimicrobial resistance were determined according to CLSI guidelines
  2. bBreakpoints for Colistin and Tigecycline was determined according to EUCAST guidelines