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Table 1 The Quality Parameters for Inappropriate use of antibiotics

From: Inapropriate use of antibiotics effective against gram positive microorganisms despite restrictive antibiotic policies in ICUs: a prospective observational study

AbbreviationsCriteriaAssessment DayNon-Compliance DefinitionReferences
IUC-1Antibiotic Treatment Indication
Doumented rationale for starting antibiotics in patients charts
1st dayNo provide rationale of antibiotics[9]
IUC-2Appropriate microbiological sampling
- At least 2 sets of blood culture
-Culture from suspected infection site
-Time for taking culture samples
1st dayInadequate blood or suspected-infection site culture
Collection of culture after antibiotic administration
[3, 10, 11]
IUC-3Antibiotic Dosage
-Antibiotic dose according to body weight
-Loading dosage usea
-Adjustment of dosage according to the glomerular filtration rate (GFR)b
1st, 3st and 7st day-Less than the recommended dose according to body weight or body mass index
-No loading dosea
-No antibiotic dose adjustment according to GFR
IUC-4De-escalationc, d, e
Discontinuation of antibiotic therapy based on microbiological results
3st and 7st dayContinuation of antibiotic therapy based on lack of antimicrobiological evidence[3, 10, 11]
IUC-5Duration of treatmentf
Discontinuation of antibiotic therapy according to local or international guidelines
14st and 21st day-Longer treatment than recommended
-Shorter treatment than recommended
  1. Abbreviations: IUC Inappropriate use criteria
  2. aEvaluated for vancomycin and teicoplanin
  3. bCalculated with GFR cockroft formula
  4. cThe incubation time for samples other than blood cultures is 2 days and for blood samples a minimum of 5 days. For this reason, deescalation evaluation was performed on the 3rd and 7th days of treatment
  5. dDe-escalation assessment was only performed for empirical antibiotic treatment
  6. eDe-escalation evaluation was not performed in patients whose treatment duration was less than 7 days
  7. fDe-escalation or withdrawal of the patient (discharge, transfer, death, etc.) has not been evaluated for treatment duration