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Table 1 List of ICD-10-GM codes utilized for identification of potentially HPV-related anogenital diseases

From: Burden of HPV related anogenital diseases in young women in Germany – an analysis of German statutory health insurance claims data from 2012 to 2017

GroupDescriptionICD-10-GM Code
Genital wartsAnogenital (venereal) warts (condylomata)A63.0
Grade IOther specified diseases of anus and rectum (AIN I & II)K62.8
Mild cervical dysplasia (CIN I)N87.0
Mild vaginal dysplasia (VAIN I)N89.0
Mild vulvar dysplasia (VIN I)N90.0
Grade IIModerate cervical dysplasia (CIN II)N87.1
Moderate vaginal dysplasia (VAIN II)N89.1
Moderate vulvar dysplasia (VIN II)N90.1
Grade IIICarcinoma in situ of anus and anal canal (AIN III)D01.3
Carcinoma in situ of cervix uteri (CIN III)D06.-
Carcinoma in situ of endocervixD06.0
Carcinoma in situ of vulva (VIN III)D07.1
Carcinoma in situ of vagina (VAIN III)D07.2
Severe cervical dysplasiaN87.2
Severe vaginal dysplasia, otherN89.2
Severe vulvar dysplasia, otherN90.2
CarcinomaMalignant neoplasm of cervix uteriC53.-
Malignant neoplasm of anus and anal canalC21.-
Malignant neoplasm of vulvaC51.-
Malignant neoplasm of vaginaC52.-