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Table 6 Extended spectrum beta-lactamase genes found in E. coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae

From: Longitudinal assessment of antibiotic resistance gene profiles in gut microbiomes of infants at risk of eczema

Extended-Spectrum Beta-lactam resistance genesSpeciesW3M3M6M12
CMY (Class C)blaCMY-2Escherichia coli1110
CTX-M beta lactamases (Class A)blaCTX-M15Escherichia coli0100
SHV beta-lactamases (Class A)blaSHV-1Klebsiella pneumoniae6742
blaSHV-108Klebsiella pneumoniae0010
blaSHV-11Klebsiella pneumoniae5243
blaSHV-142Klebsiella pneumoniae1000
blaSHV-26Klebsiella pneumoniae1000
blaSHV-27Klebsiella pneumoniae0002
blaSHV-38Klebsiella pneumoniae0010
blaSHV-85Klebsiella pneumoniae0001
blaSHV-93Klebsiella pneumoniae0110
TEM beta-lactamases (Class A)blaTEM-1bEscherichia coli0010