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Table 1 Comparison of the severity of HFMD with different EVs infected patients

From: Co-circulation of coxsackieviruses A-6, A-10, and A-16 causes hand, foot, and mouth disease in Guangzhou city, China

EV serotypes (Na)Severe HFMDbMild HFMDb
CVA-6(N = 364)21(5.8%)343(94.2%)
CVA-10(N = 305)18(5.9%)287(94.1%)
CVA-16(N = 397)6(1.5%)*391(98.5%)
EV-A71(N = 26)9(34.6%)*17(65.4%)
Others(N = 128)26(20.3%)*102(79.7%)
  1. a The number of patients; b The number of patient (%); * Significant different compare with other groups, P < 0.05; Others: other EVs detected in patients except CVA-6, CVA-10, CVA-16, and EV-A71